1. In the Users section, click on Create User.
  2. Enter the new user's First and Last Name 
  3. Optional: Enter the email address. Note: The email address must be unique for every user on the account.
  4. Choose the appropriate Time Zone. If no time zone is selected, the default time zone defined in the Account Settings by the Account Owner is defined for the new user.
  5. Billable: by default, all users are set as "billable". Users that are not billable (e.g. Sales people) should be set as non-billable so not not impact the Productivity and Utilization metrics.
  6. Choose the role.
  7. Click Save Changes.

Provided that an email has been stored in the newly created user, s/he will receive an invitation to let them know how to sign in to Teambook and create their password.




Note: Teambook offers a feature to mass upload users via an import file, see instructions.