While most of the smaller companies usually run as a single Team, larger ones may manage multi-offices, departments or teams spread around the world. For such cases, Teambook provides the concept of Teams. 

A Team is basically a set of users that can be planned in a consistent manner, by dedicated planner and  / or project managers. 

This is very useful for eg. for organizations sharing a pool of competencies spread in different locations or business units.

This feature gives also large flexibility to handle different teams with different bank holidays or Time-off bookings. 

While a user may be part of several Teams, Teambook will ensure that it cannot be double-booked. To do so, the bookings set in a Team will appear shaded in the other planning board of the other Teams this person belongs to.

When creating a Teambook account, an Example Team (named after your account's name) is automatically created. You may rename it by using the menu on the planner board:

If your company is interested in creating several Teams, you may simply create new Team(s) using the menu on the planner board:


Once a new Team is created, you may associate its members

Note that the Team feature also enables you to report specifically on a give Team, a group of them or all of them: 

Last, note that projects are NOT Team-specific and accordingly can be shared across different Teams.