If you manage only one Team, you have nothing specific to do: each newly created user is automatically added to this one Team and appears accordingly in the Planning Board.

In case you manage several Teams and remembering that a user may belong to more than one Team, you need to add the user(s) to each Team(s) s/he belongs to.

Doing so ensures that the user(s) will appear in each corresponding Planning Board(s).

To assign a user to several Teams, you have two possibilities: 

A. Either you enter each of the Team(s) in the User panel when creating the user, by selecting the corresponding Team(s) in the drop-down menu:

Note: this feature is not available in Edit mode. 

B. Or, you add the corresponding user(s) directly from the Planning section:

  1. Go to the Planning section
  2. Select the Team you would like to add a member to. 
  3. All the way at the bottom of the User's list, click on the Add user icon
  4. In the new pop-up Select the user you want to add (note only users not yet assigned to this specific Team will appear in the list)
  5. The board will refresh and the new user will be added. Note that you can move any user up or down the list (using the drag and drop arrows appearing on the user when you hoover on its avatar).