If you manage only one Team, you have nothing specific to do: each newly created user is automatically added to this one Team and appears accordingly in the Planning Board.

In case you manage several Teams and remembering that a user may belong to more than one Team, you need to add the user(s) to each Team(s) s/he belongs to.

Doing so ensures that the user(s) will appear in each corresponding Planning Board(s).

To assign a user to several Teams, you have two possibilities: 

A. Either you enter each of the Team(s) in the User panel when creating the user, by selecting the corresponding Team(s) in the drop-down menu:

Note: this feature is not available in Edit mode. 

B. Or, you add the corresponding user(s) directly from the Planning section:

  1. Go to the Planning section
  2. Make sure your planner's view shows the Team you want to add a user to: if needed, switch accordingly in the control bar's team switcher
  3. All the way at the bottom of the User's list, click on the Add user icon
  4. In the new pop-up Select the user you want to add (note only users not yet assigned to this specific Team will appear in the list; however you may create a new user from this drop down if not yet created in Teambook )
  5. The board will refresh and the new user will be added. Note that you can sort the users list using the arrows on top of the users' list.