Planners and Administrators can create, import, edit and archive projects.

Creating a project allows you to book users to it and track allocated budget.

Note: the article below refers to the creation of single projects (one by one). Alternatively, you may import projects - a very useful way to create many projects in one shot!

  1. Go to the Projects section
  2. Click on Create Project
  3. Enter the project name and a code to identify the project
  4. Select a Project Color. This color is displayed in the Planner in order to easily distinguish projects
  5. Select the Project Type (billable, non-billable; this information will be used to calculate the different KPIs)
  6. Optional data on the General info window:
    • Select the Client associated with the project using the drop down menu
    • If you have a Time budget, enter it (in hours). Use it to track the project budget vs the booked hours
    • enter a Start Date and/or End Date of the project
    • Manager
    • Status
    • Business unit
    • Project Notes
  7. Optional data on the Advanced tab
    • Project specific tasks
    • custom fields 
  8. Click Create. Your project is now listed in Projects




To edit a project:

  1. Click on the project from the project list
  2. Click on Edit Project at the bottom of the right panel
  3. Follow the same steps as above