The productivity, Utilization, Time Off and Availability metrics are key to measure the monthly performance and billing efficiency of your company. 

In the Analytics section, you have access to a graph with these key metrics; tooltips, appearing when hoovering over each KPI, explain their main definition.

Note that while the reporting aggregates by default all Teams available in the account, you may manually filter on only specific Teams.

Furthermore, you can refine the metrics by using the filters to check the performance for a user or a specific group (using tags).


How are these metrics calculated?

Our calculation uses the following criteria:

  • First of all, we only select users defined as "billable" in their profile. This is to make sure non-billable users (such as Sales people) are not taken into account in the calculation (otherwise, your overall performance will be lower than reality)
  • We then use the Workable Hours defined in Account (Organization) Settings  to establish the Monthly Available Working Hours for each eligible user
  • We then remove the week-ends (Saturday and Sunday) and the hours booked on time-off projects
  • This gives us the "Bookable Hours" as the base for each metric

Productivity: the percentage of the Bookable Hours that has work hours booked (no matter whether they are billable or not). If your Productivity rate is 95%, it means 95% of the Bookable Hours are indeed booked. The objective is of course to be at 100% to ensure nobody is waiting on the bench.

Utilization: the percentage of the Bookable Hours that has billable hours booked. If your Utilization rate is 75%, it means 75% of the Bookable Hours are booked for billable projects your customers will pay for.

Availability: the percentage of Bookable Hours that has no work hours booked. Simply put, it's the overall free working time. Here, at the opposite from the Productivity metric, the objective is to be at 0%.

Time Off: the percentage of Bookable Hours booked on Project considered as Time-Off. These hours are planned and may represent up to 10-15% of your workforce total available time, with some peaks during holidays.