Some events may be planned to the whole Team or at least a large chunk of them.  

Teambook provides you such a feature, for eg. to book a company event, a public holiday or a Team training.

Within any Planning screen, may it be 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 3 months views, you can simply click on the very top of the day column. 

Doing so will mark the whole column for all users appearing in the planning screen and a booking panel will open up on the right side of the screen. 

You may then select whatever project or time-off applicable and specify the usual fields.

Note that, by default, the slot duration is set to the standard company schedule: you may change this value. 

Hitting the Create button will save the booking for the whole users appearing on the screen.


  • The created bookings will be added to any potentially existing booking. In such case an overscheduling situation will appear for the impacted users.
  • The created bookings can be then edited separately, user by user. If you desire to handle them in one go, say for eg. to edit a comment, you may click on each of the individual bookings.
  • You may use filters in the planning board to select only specific members and assign these this bulk booking. Filtering on tags can be very useful.