The Analytics section allows to select different time horizons (1 month, quarter or custom) and you may change these parameters in the selectors. 

The selector on the right allows you to choose to view only the Planning information or the Actuals or the Capacity Data or, finally a comparison "Actual vs Planning"

The Dashboard shows first some Key metrics graph that give you an overview of your team's performance for the period selected (Productivity - Utilization - Availability). That's the graph to look at if you want an instant idea of your team is heading! 

The Dashboard presents you with important information: utilization graph, key stats and "top 5 & Low 5" indicators.

Last, the two button on the top right:

  • Switch to reporting leads you to synthetic pre-defined reports 
  • And the Export icon enables you to download all types of records (bookings, capacity, actuals) to an excel file.