Teambook is a real-time visual planning web application for anyone who needs to manage the planning of their team.

Teambook is used mainly in Professional Service organizations, for example marketing & advertising agencies, IT companies and consultancy firms. 

In general Teambook is about project resource planning. It allows project managers to book a team on projects based on the hours and skills required to deliver a successful project to their customers. Teambook also allows the tracking of internal activities and time-off periods, providing a helicopter view to the management. 

From a consultant or resource perspective, Teambook provides the information regarding upcoming planned activities. Such information can be either viewed on Teambook or automatically synched on most calendars.

Basically, Teambook facilitates your resource planning: who works on what and when.


While this KB will give you more information about Teambook's current features, you will find upcoming developments in our public product roadmap.