Teambook is a visual and intuitive web-based project resource management application. More in videos here!

Teambook is used by organizations that need to manage multiple resources on multiple projects, on a dynamic basis, for commitments ranging from a few hours to a few months. Many professional services companies, such as marketing and advertising agencies, IT companies and dynamic consultancies, use Teambook.

Teambook's functionalities cover three distinct areas:

  1. operational project resource planning: this enables project managers to build up a team on projects according to the hours and skills required to complete a project for their clients. Teambook also tracks internal activities and vacation periods, providing management with a helicopter view.
  2. Medium-term capacity management: Teambook offers a 6-24 month planning tool, managing the number of days available per resource per month, as well as the demands for each project. An iteration system optimizes available capacity according to project demands and skills.
  3. Log, approve and track actual time spent on projects: the time entry interface allows each user to enter time spent on each project, day by day. Copy functions allow time sheets to be pre-filled on the basis of operational schedules, reducing entry to differences only. Finally, a validation system enables project managers to approve time entries and use them for invoicing, for example.