Users with roles Admin or Planners can update existing bookings to reflect changes in a project and/or when rescheduling is required.

Generally speaking, take advantage of our drag-n-drop feature to quickly and easily reschedule a booking and/or reassign it to another team member.



Alternatively, if you need to amend a specific option of a given booking:

  1. Click on the booking cell you need to edit

  2. The Edit panel appears on the right-hand side of your Planner board

  3. Modify the required option (office/on client site/home office, tentative, duration, start-time, change of project, notes)

  4. Click Save


Note that you can edit several bookings in "one shot" by simply clicking Shift and then marking the desired ones. The booking panel indicates that several bookings have been selected. These feature used to be known as "bulk editing": 


Last, if for any reason a booking has been canceled, you can delete the booking by clicking on "Delete" at the bottom of the Edit panel.