Planners can easily update existing bookings to reflect changes in a project and/or when rescheduling is required.

Generally speaking, take advantage of our drag-n-drop feature to quickly and easily reschedule a booking and/or reassign it to another team member.

If you need to amend the duration of a given booking, you may simply mark the bottom of its frame (note that the cursor will transform into a dragging mark) and drag up- or downward as desired. 


You may as well right-click on any booking to:

  • Delete it
  • Copy it: the reservation details are stored in the buffer and you can simply right-click on another "cell" (date/user) to create an identical reservation.
  • Or, for booking previously marked as Tentative, confirm it.


If you need to amend a specific option of a given booking:

  1. Click on the booking you want to edit

  2. The Edit panel appears on the right-hand side of your Planner board

  3. Modify the required option (office/on client site/home office, tentative, duration, start-time, change of project, notes)

  4. Click Save


Note that you can edit several bookings in "one shot" by

  • simply clicking Shift and then marking the desired ones or
  • or, if the reservations are contiguous, by clicking the Ctrl key (PC) or Cmd key (Mac) while selecting the items.

The booking panel indicates that several bookings have been selected.