Time-off bookings are handled in a specific manner as a) they appear differently in the planner board and b) they impact the calculation of KPI like productivity and utilization.

To create a time-off booking, planners and administrators simply have to select the appropriate second tab in the booking panel section:

  1. Go to your Planning
  2. Click on the day where you'd like to create a new event,
  3. In the New Booking panel, select the tab "Time-Off" and then the appropriate "Time-off Project" from the drop down menu

All other booking details are similar to the "regular bookings". Note that you may want to use a recurring booking option whenever applicable.

4. Click Save Booking


Note that Teambook comes with some pre-defined, usual Time-off examples (Leave, Public holidays, Sickness, Training). You may create new ones and / or amend or delete these examples in the Organization settings