There are two main types of project: "productive projects" and "time off projects".

While the first type are usually "work-related" and linked to a customer, the "time off" projects tend to be generic period of times when users are not "working on a project", for eg holidays, sickness, training etc.


Productive projects

The productive projects are maintained in the projects section.

When creating a project, there are two different project types you can chose from:


Billable: select this type for projects you can bill to your customers or to another organization in your company.

Non-Billable: select this type for internal initiatives that cannot be billed to another company, typically activities such as sales, pre-sales, meetings, internal trainings etc.

In terms of reporting, please note that the while the "Productivity" KPI considers bookings on both billable and non-billable projects, the "Utilization" KPI only focus on Billable projects.


"Time-Off" projects:

Such projects are handled via the "Account setting" menu, accessible via your profile in the right hand corner. By default, Teambook comes with the most usual time off projects. You may simply edit these existing default values and/or create new time-off projects.

In the Planner section, when selecting time-off as project type, you will notice icons are proposed instead of colors. This helps you to immediately differentiate time-off projects from the others.