Teambook offers an integration to Personio HR system.


  1. Go to Organization settings and open the integrations Tab, select Personio by clicking "Connect"
  2. Here you will need to insert Client ID and Client Secret key that you can obtain by making steps posted here -
  3. After inserting your credentials, you will face a modal with an ability to connect Teambook Time offs with Personio Time offs respectively.
  4. Once this has been set up, Teambook will on a daily basis:
    1. Verify that users added in Personio are automatically created into Teambook
    2. Fetch Time offs records created in Personio during the period covering the last 2 months and until next year; these records will be synchronized in Teambook, ie time off bookings will be created. Note: only time off records will be synchronized, not absence period) 
  5. Deleted or changed time offs are synched into Teambook.
  6. Deleted or updated Users are also synched into Teambook.

In case you need some custom rules for role selection OR tags to be added based on some rule - please contact Teambook and we will discuss your needs.