Creating a Teambook account first led you to a Welcome modal that you may have filled-up .... or skipped. 

The initial screens are pre-filled with some TEST data, based on the projects & users information you may have filled-up in the welcome modal (if you did not the data are simply name "example user 1", "project example 2" etc... 

We just created these TEST data with a few tiny hints to help you understand what Teambook is about ;-) ! You may edit and rename these ones or archive them as you desire!

On the right side of the screen, you find a short onboarding panels with some key information and tutorials... make use of them! (Note: you may close this panel by clicking on the Got it button and re-open it any time later using the Help icon)


Your first steps in Teambook will most probably consist of:

  1. Creating your own users: the easiest is to simply edit the 2 examples users and enter "real information" fitting your organisation. You may as well create a few more colleagues.
  2. Create your currently active projects: here again, the easiest is to edit the 2 examples projects and replace with "real information" fitting your organisation. 
  3. Then... start working (ie.. enter your team planning And/Or manage your mid-term capacity And/or enter & approve Actual time Sheets) To do so, simply click on the desire module!

For some more hints, please visit Teambook's presentation video:


And you will find relevant assistance through this KB. If needed, don't hesitate to get in touch via

We look forward to getting your feedback!