The planner view contains a very useful control bar, enabling Planners & admin to easily and quickly reach common features related to bookings. 

The bar appears at the bottom of the planner view, whatever the time frame (2 weeks, 4 weeks or 3 months views): 


Hoovering over the bar darkens its color so to make its icons more visible. 

The following features are available: 

  • Copy Booking: activate this feature by clicking on the icon. You may choose then one or several bookings by marking them. Once done, position your mouse on the target date & users combination and click on "Finish". The booking(s) and all information will be automatically copied
  • Revert Action: clicking this icon will revert the last performed action. You may click up to 3 time on the icon, so to reverse the 3 last actions
  • Team Selector: if your company uses multiple teams, you may use this selector to switch to any other team
  • View Switcher: this "time rule" enables you to switch from 2-weeks, to 4-weeks or 3 months views.
  • Settings: this button enable you to switch on-off the displays of:
    • Week-end: ON means that the week-end days appear in the same format as any day; if OFF is set, the week-end days are greyed out. In both cases, you may plan (or move) booking(s) on a week-end day. It will appear as a red mark in case of hidden week-end.
    • Tool tip: ON means that a tool tip appears when you hoover over the booking (the tool tip shows the booking details like project long name, notes..)
    • Booking format: this parameter steers the size of the user's booking lines. While the larger setting allows to comfortably show the user's avatar and booking details, smaller settings will fit more users on the planner page