On the Subscription Plans page you can:

  • Find info on your current plan (number of active projects, next billing date/end of trial date)
  • Change your current plan

Note: Remember that only active projects are counted in your plan (archived projects are not counted).

Reaching the end of your trial and ready to pick a plan? Or do you want to upgrade/downgrade your current plant? Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name (top right corner)
  2. Click on Organization
  3. Go to the Subscription tab
  4. Select your new plan
  5. Click on Select  button and follow the instructions 

Note: if you come from a trial, a few extra steps related to your billing info

From now on and until you cancel your account, you will be charged the plan amount every month. Note you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you need to, month to month.

Our plans are based on the number of active projects. When you reach a limit, simply ask your account owner to upgrade to the next plan. Alternatively, archive some projects to free up some slots.

Invoice receipts are emailed to the account owner at each transaction (every month) and can also be accessed online.